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You’ve worked on your chess skills with Visualwize chess training software for weeks preparing for this tournament. Now, it’s the morning of your first match and you grab a coffee at the hotel coffee shop before heading over to the tournament site.

With Visualwize Chess Training Software You Can Your Brain to See Many Moves Ahead so You Can Wipe the Board with Your Competition and Dominate Tournaments

You are relaxed and ready. You sit down for your first match and take some deep, long breaths as you look across the table. And then it dawns on you—this is the guy that beat you at the same tournament last year!

Well, now, this will be fun…

As the match unfolds you feel incredibly calm, almost dreamlike. It seems like you always know what it going to happen- like you can see into the future. The combinations, penetrations, exchanges and variations evolve as if pre-ordained. Effortlessly.

At one point, like Sherlock Holmes deducing the killer way before anyone else, suddenly you can see the whole end game. You think to yourself, “I see the end of it all.”

And then…there it is…checkmate. See you next year, pal.

You walk out into the sunshine feeling ten feet tall—like a champion.

With Visualwize you’ll improve your visualization skills, learn to trust your instincts, and drive your confidence through the roof.

Hi, I’m Louis Holtzhausen. I’m a chess training software developer, chess coach and overall chess fanatic–I’ve played chess all over the world. I own chess books and I can’t think of a piece of chess training software I haven’t tried. And many are excellent.

But I wanted to find software that would let me model the exact moves used by masters in actual matches– chess training software that would allow me to build my visualization and game play skills at the same time.

I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. So I built it myself. Visualwize is the result.

Does this ever happen to you?–you think about your next move and end up looking again and again at the same variations trying to make sure you aren’t making a mistake?

This happens when your visualization skill is not well trained. The good news?–you can dramatically improve your chess game by improving your chess visualization ability.

Chess visualization is the ability to see in your mind the positions reached when certain moves are made – without making them on the board – and seeing them so clearly you can accurately consider the implications of each new position.

Tough to do? Well, without the right tools, training chess visualization skill can be a daunting task!

Visualwize makes chess visualization training easier and more 
effective than any other available method!

The Visualwize method is simple but highly effective. It simulates reality and forces your mind to visualize moves accurately in order to solve the exercises.

Learn from the actual moves of chess masters…..

Visualwize chess training software lets you:

  •  Learn 240 visualization training exercises
  • Work through more than 1200 moves to visualize
  • See moves in your mind before making them on the board
  • Avoid making blunders which makes you lose the game instantly
  • After just a few days with Visualwize, your mind will begin to see things more clearly. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what a few Visualwize customers had to say about its unique ability to improve their game play:

Testimonials from Visualwize owners:

I have used the Visualwize program extensively and my visualization skills have significantly improved. Also, the program has helped my pattern recognition skills. The mating combinations demonstrated by these chess masters in actual games were brilliant and remarkable. I highly recommend this program.

- Gordon Presley, United States 

This is a great program. Thinking deep is a lot easier for me now and I can see the moves much clearer than before. I am not sure how but somehow I even make much less mistakes with my notation since I practiced with Visualwize, it is like I know the squares on the board better!

- Erich Wiehan, South Africa

Thanks, this program made me win more games online… Its amazing… The best thing about it is that it doesn’t allow us to move pieces that improves the thinking capability a lot… Thanks a lot :)

 – Ajay Raghav, India

 I am very enthusiastic about this tool and I find it very educational. I mean: even in blitz I have begun to see these tactics that go couple moves deep already after couple days of working with it.

 – Lauri Lahnasalo, Finland

I can hear you now saying, “OK, how much for this revolutionary chess training software?”

Let me say that the sooner you start training your chess visualization skill, the sooner you will start reaping the benefits of being able to see moves ahead.

And at only $39 it will cost less than only one or two hours with a chess coach!

What? Why would you sell this program at only $39?

I’ll tell you why- I’m passionate about coaching chess! Every day for years I’ve thought about ways to improve my client’s game play. I’ve left no stone unturned in my quest to find, develop and improve state-of-the-art training methods. And I know for a fact no other software can offer things like actual moves from master players.

And to make sure you are completely as confident as I am that you will improve significantly with Visualwize, I am giving you an iron-clad money back guarantee! For any reason, if you are not 100% satisfied with your Visualwize chess training software, we will refund you without asking any questions.

Buy it now and start wiping up the competition!

order Visualwize chess training software


Price: $39

 P.S.  You’ll be astonished at how fast you fast you improve your chess skills and visual chess techniques with Visualwize chess training software. If you don’t get the powerful results I know you will, I’ll refund your money with no problems whatsoever.

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